Hazel Graye

Album of the Month: 1000 Faces by Jason Ross

Song of the Month: Leave Me To Wonder (with Fiora) by Jason Ross

Bonus! Song of the Month 1000 Faces (with Dia Frampton) by Jason Ross

I had no idea how much I liked Jason Ross until now. There isn't one song off the entire "1000 Faces" album that I dislike, and I couldn't even decide which song I favored most. My boyfriend and I listened to this album together when it was first released and both agreed that it feel like there was a lot of time put into it.

"Leave Me to Wonder" is a really pretty, calmer tune. I like songs like this when I have a long drive at sunrise with some beautiful scenery around me. Great for chill road trips if you ask me. McLain described it as reminding him of the beach. I would suggest it if you like artists like ODESZA, Medasin, Above & Beyond, etc. "1000 Faces" really got me with lyrics that have a whole lot of depth to them and a drop I found to be pretty unique compared to what I've heard before. I've been finding myself choosing to play this song first thing after a long day at work when I finally get to drive home. A bit of LA traffic is a lot easier with a good song to help me power through.