Hazel Graye

I drink a lot of coffee which unfortunately stains my teeth pretty drastically. I also have incredibly sensitive teeth so it's difficult for me to use just any teeth whitening system. I used to use strips I would buy at target that you leave on for hours and while it made my teeth whiter, it also hurt A LOT to use. These kits are PAIN FREE and EFFECTIVE. <3

Teeth Whitening Kits

If you're looking to whiten and brighten your smile, these are the two best kits I've used and would recommend. You can use these kits as much as once a day and they come both come with a little "color chart" to keep track of how your teeth are looking after every use.


HiSMiLE is peroxide free and primary composed of 3 key ingredients: PAP (for whitening), Hydroxyapatite (for cavity remineralization and reparation), and Potassium Nitrate (for desensitizing).

You can purchase this HiSMiLE teeth whitening kit for $59.99 here


In all honesty, GLEAM was a product I was trying out and found I liked, but I'm not entirely sure what happened with the product when it comes to shopping for it online. I haven't been able to locate an active online store for the teeth whitening kit, so maybe it's currently under construction? I also haven't been able to get a confirmed set of ingredients for what's in the product. I'll update this blog post as soon as I have more information. Something I thought was pretty neat in regards to the whitening system is the LED light turns on when you plug it into your phone. No batteries necessary!

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

When it comes to maintaining your pearly whites after using a whitening system regularly, it's important to use a good toothpaste DAY & NIGHT.


HiSMiLE Day & Night toothpastes include 4 key ingredients: Copernicia Cerifera Wax (stain preventative), Aloe Vera (anti inflammatory + anti bacteria), Activated Charcoal (whitening agent/surface stain removal), and Bentonite Clay (non damaging plaque removal).

You can purchase this HiSMiLE day & night toothpaste for $11.99 here


Twice is a GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, NON GMO, and CRUELTY FREE toothpaste!! Here are some of the key ingredients: Hydrated Silica + Pentasodium Triphosphate (for whitening), Sodium Fluoride (for cavity prevention + enamel health), Potassium Nitrate (for sensitivity relief), Vitamins A C and E, as well as some Botanical Extracts (Aloe Vera, Lavender, Wintergreen, & Peppermint).

You can purchase this Twice day & night toothpaste for $17.00 here